LS16(16MM) Pin Terminal 2A36VDC 1NO Ring Illuminated Anti Vandal Switch

Led color
Led voltage
  • The Anti vandal switches offer attractive, robust and durable switches, available with different bushing diameters, actuator shapes, bushing and actuator materials.
    • Variety of Material
    • 1,000,000 cycles momentary
    • Domed/ Flat/ High Flat Actuator
    • Anti-Vandal IK09/ Sealed IP65

The Anti Vandal Switches made of stainless steel and brass material can effectively prevent product damage by external forces, Anti-Vandal IK09/ Sealed IP65, the surface of the product easy to clean and longer life.

Typical Applications:

Technical Data:

Type Ls16-F/R Ls16-F/D
Illuminated Options Ring Dot
Max. Panel Thickness: 0.394″ (10.0mm)
Terminal Pin(2.8X0.5)
Max. Switch Rating 2A/ 36VDC
Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥1000mΩ
Dielectric Strengh 2000VAC
Operation Temp. -20°C ~ +55°C
Mechanical Life 1,000,000cycles
Electrical Life >50,000cycles
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Torque 5 ~ 14Nm
Operation Pressure approx. 3 ~ 5N
Protection IP65/ IK09
Material Actuator Stainless Steel/ Nickel Plated Brass/ Anodized Aluminum
Body Stainless Steel/ Nickel Plated Brass/ Anodized Aluminum
Base PBT
Color LED – – Color color-gbw
Voltage – – AC/ DC 1.7V AC/ DC 2.8V
Life Approx. 40, 000hours

Current- limiting Resistance Configuration Table:

Operating Voltage (U) 6V 12V 24V 36V R= U-Ue/Ie
Current-limiting Resistance (R) Color 210Ω, 1/4W 510Ω, 1/2W 1.2KΩ, 3/4W 2.2KΩ, 1W
Color 160Ω, 1/4W 460Ω, 1/2W 1.2KΩ, 3/4W 2.2KΩ, 2W

Actuator Options & Illuminated Options:

Flat ActuatorRing Illum.Dot Illum.


Ls16 Dimension


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